Frameless Shower Doors – Are they Recommended?

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Glass doors are quite exquisite, aren’t they? Not only that, but they provide such a class that will transform your home into one that could be owned by a billionaire, even if your home is just one of the many standard types that your common neighbor has. But if the doors or walls of your house are not made of glass, laminated or tempered, it is high time that you do so. This is especially the case if you are going through a house renovation. Not all households may consider getting a house renovation, but having done so, most of the time they are not going to renovated the entire house at once. Most of the time, they renovate one area at a time. If you are going to renovate your kitchen that looks like it is connected with the other areas of the house yet separated, you can go with interior glass walls. If you are going to change something about your bathroom, consider getting shower glass for home improvement. Sounds expensive? Since you are talking about home improvement, you need to improve the look of your house. Showermeister has great reviews on  filter shower or towel warmer

About the shower glass for home improvement, you might be thinking about whether you go with frameless shower doors or not also while your doing the doors might as well get a new shower head, before you do checkout the best shower heads in this site. Keep in mind that frameless shower doors can get quite expensive. But even if you have already considered going with shower glass doors, they are already expensive to begin with. The reason is because these glass doors are custom made. There are no standards that you can see at you local home center. Installers are going to measure up the size that will fit in your bathroom, which will create the partition from where you take a bath and also keeping the entire area away from the sprinkles of the shower. You might be thinking about just getting the shower curtain right now, but that can only be more costly instead. What’s more, you have a lot of maintenance to do with shower curtains that you cannot do with shower glass for home improvement.


Should you get frameless shower glass instead? While the look of the frameless shower glass indeed does give off a class of its own, they are indeed very expensive. The reason why they are more expensive than the framed ones is because it will require the installer to make the glass thicker than the framed ones. They also require a sturdier hardware, like the solid brass. The purpose of this is to keep them in its place. Expect your frameless shower glass to cost between $700 and $1,200. Expect other kind of installation to go higher.


Another thing that you need to consider about frameless shower glass for home improvement is how they can shatter, although this happens rarely. While the look of frameless shower glass looks absolutely stunning, they can explode at times. This is why those that take a frameless shower glass go with tempered glass so that when it shatters, it breaks into tiny little pieces as a precaution or safety.

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