How to pick a good accountant for your company

You Need  A Good Accountant


When you talk about the success of a company, the accountant always plays a vital role. It is among the key positions in your business, and you need to have an expert here. You must go for the professionals with skills and knowledge. There are some questions that you can ask from the person before hiring him or her. Here is how to pick a good accountant.



Do you have experience of working in this field?

Each company has a different style of maintaining the record. And with that, the policies and rules also differ from business to business. It is not necessary that a tech company has to deal with similar issues in concern with accounts and analysis as a food and drinks company. Depending on how simple or complex the accounting process is, the professional will tell you whether or not he is the appropriate person for this task.

Do you have individual tax experience?

Calgary Tax Accountants and returns can help you in getting back a lot of money. A good tax advisor will have somewhere between 3 to 5 years of experience. We know that experience counts but if there is a person who has experience with smaller companies and an analyst who has worked with big business, go for the later one. It is because the one who works with large corporations is likely to be exposed to complex and broader set of accounting problems. Therefore, he will have greater experience and more polished skills.

Ask about the license

Asking about the license is something that you must not overlook. There are various grants and an accountant can either acquire a single one or go for the multiple licenses in order to enhance their portfolio. Relevant certificate always counts a lot as for the tax advisors; the LLM tax certification counts a lot.

Advanced degree matters

People may not pay heed to this, but the fact is that advanced degrees matter to a great extent. For example, a CPA person will be able to deal with the problems in a better way even if he does not possess any training or experience. It may sound a bit odd, but it is true. Yes, the work and field experience counts and there are many great professionals who only hold one certificate. But the fact that they have been working in the field since a long time has polished them to a great extent. However, when you work with someone who has MBA in tax handling, you will see the difference yourself.

Is he willing to represent your company if there is any audit?

In case if your business goes through a tax audit (which is highly unlikely), the tax analyst should be representing your company. Although some may ask for the additional fee which is perfectly fine, the person must stand by his returns and take the responsibility if something is wrong.

So, these are certain things you should ask before hiring an accountant. It is how to pick a good accountant.


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