The Role of the Web Designer

The Role of the Web Designer

Your website is the global representation of your brand.  The services you offer, your personality, and the things that you offer your clients all need to be represented in such a way that the minute a visitor arrives on your site they know what you’re all about.  You need the best calgary web design that can tell a compelling narrative that gives your audience a memorable experience.

There is also a technical aspect to good design, first you need to understand that more than 90% of purchases start with an online search.  If your site takes more than 3 second to load then you have just lost roughly 40% of your traffic.  In under a second the viewer has already formed an opinion about your website.  This means that not only does your story have to be compelling but it needs the technical aspects done right.

The Role of the Web Designer

The role of the web designer is simple, yet complicated.  Their job is to tell your story through your website. How do they do that?

 Let your personality shine through

Your brand needs a voice that is clearly displayed through your website design.  Use bold and colorful images accompanied by succinct text.  It needs to capture who you are and be simple to navigate through.  Let it convey your values right away.

Be Human

Your website is your first tool in relationship building, it takes text and imagery to define who you are and what your business believes it.  It also tells your customers what they can expect from your products and services.  You need to target your content to your audience, connect with them.

Easy to Use

Your website should be easy to navigate through and easy to read.  Web design has moved beyond that endless wall of text.  Break your content up into manageable chunks, use lists, images and video to make it digestible.  Your visitor should be able to scroll your page with a glance to find what they are looking for.

Clear Call to Action

Making headlines and content that directs visitors where they need to go is paramount to copy that converts.  This is the biggest mistakes that designers make, no clear call to action.  Whether it is direction to a form, or a prominent phone number to call, your visitors need to be guided where to go.
It’s the role of the web designer to tie all of these elements together in an effective and visually appealing way.  They need to create an inviting space for your customers.

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