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 All Weather Exteriors is your Winnipeg roofing experts

    • with over 20 years re-roofing homes in and around roofing Winnipeg. We can help you get an affordable new roof for your home. Whether you decide on an asphualt roof or a metal roof we can handle the job from start to finish. We use only top quality Roofing products and have highly skilled roofers that work for us. Call us today. We are also BBB certified in Winnipeg Manitoiba. The exterior of our homes and businesses are still important. All Weather Exteriors provides a wide range of exterior and roofing services in Winnipeg so that you can be confident in the durability and quality of your home, inside and out..We  also know how frustrating it is to put your time on hold during a renovation and re-roofing. When you call All Weather Exteriors to do the work for you, we work quickly and correctly so that your life has the fewest possible interruptions while we take care of your exterior needs.When we work on any part of your property, we make it our priority to complete the project on time and under budget. We are dedicated to providing fast and friendly service so that you enjoy your home and business exteriors for years to come All Weather Exteriors They can be found :

All Weather Exteriors

534 Trent Ave,
Winnipeg, MB
R2K 1G3(204) 510-2959

MJ Roofing in Winnipeg

  • MJ Roofing can provide the answer. We’ve built our reputation with superior quality in the repair, replacement and maintenance of commercial roofs. Our mission is to help you control costs while extending the healthy life of your roof.Our talented, fully trained staff provides 24/7 emergency service while delivering the superior customer service MJ Roofing has been known for in Winnipeg for over 50 years.


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Premiere Roofing & Siding Contractors in Winnipeg

We are a premiere Winnipeg roofing company, with over 9000 homes served in Manitoba, we have expertise in new roof construction & roof repairs, vinyl & cement board siding, eavestroughs, soffit & fascia, cladding and spray foam insulation. For residents and cottage owners outside of Winnipeg

KLZ Roofing Ltd.

are the local roofing contractors you can trust when it comes to selecting a Winnipeg roof repair and siding contractor, and has the years of experience and reputation to prove it. Whether you need to remove and repair a portion of your roof or re-shingle your entire roof, let the experts at KLZ Roofing take care of all your roofing repair and roof installation needs.


OAKWOOD ROOFING is a Canadian owned company and one of Manitoba’s largest roofing contractors. We were established in 1977 and since that time have enjoyed a steady growth, earning a reputation for quality workmanship and dependability.Our main activity has been in the Prairie Provinces, Ontario and the Northwest Territories, allowing us to develop special skills and methods in roofing, cladding and waterproofing under normal as well as extreme weather conditions and circumstances.Our Commercial division has a reputation for putting roofs over the biggest and most challenging projects in Winnipeg, keeping people safe, warm and dry in some of their most favorite places to visit. 

Why your roof Matters

The roof plays the multiple roles of protection, enhancement of the architectural appeal, support to the home appliances and cabling, and also increases the commercial value of your home during resale, leasing, and renting. You nay construct your house roofing with asphalt shingles, metal sheets and shingles, concrete, or the other types of materials. The procedures of design, plan, installation and configuration, customization, and maintenance works enhance the structural stability and durability of the roofs. Choosing the right roofing company will help you save on money and material resources, while ensuring the best quality according to the ASTM, ANSI, and the EPA standards.


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