What are the Causes of Food Allergy?

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How does a person know that they have food allergy? This is based on the symptoms and the common ones are stomach pain and rashes on the skin. There are other allergies that will make your throat feel spiky when you try to swallow something. In the medical world, food allergies happen when the immune system of the body is handling the harmless proteins from particular foods and deem it as a threat. The result is a release of various chemicals within the body, thus triggering the allergic reaction. Some people suffer so much that it causes them a lot of pain. However, most people don’t really feel that much pain at all, except for feeling uncomfortable to what they are feeling at the moment. Other common symptoms of food allergy are itching or tingling in the mouth, eczema; wheezing, trouble breathing or nasal congestion; dizziness, fainting or lightheadedness and many more.  Try a Local naturopath to test for food allergy like http://activebacktohealth.com/


Just how does a person know they have food allergies and how are they going to avoid it? Aside from feeling the symptoms that are already mentioned above, the only way that you can avoid food allergies is knowing how your body reacts to certain foods. Take, for example, how you eat chocolate and you get itchiness all over your body. Your skin reddens due to the reaction of your body. Your body is giving out those symptoms as a way to tell you that it doesn’t agree with the food that you eat. There are a variety of types of intolerances of food, but the most common ones are A1 casein and gluten. There are even lactose intolerant people that feel stomach pains. This is the reason why you see a lot of lactose free milk sold in grocery stores.


Is there a medicine that will stop the symptoms of food allergies? There are a lot of them and you can even by them over the counter. However, there are those that recommend a more natural way. This is referred to as naturopathy medicine, which is used by a lot of people that are having troubles with food allergy. This is not only used for people with allergies, but also in many ways that can help people alleviate the pain through natural means. It also means that you will be given guidelines by those who practice this kind of discipline, the naturopathic doctors, the natural way that you can alleviate the pain yourself. Most of the time they are actions that the patient needs to commit to.


The common ways that naturopathic doctors will tell their patients on how to avoid foods that will cause allergy is by natural means such as bringing along safe substitutes to certain foods that can start an allergy such as soy milk to go with the cereal. The most dangerous one can be when people with severe food allergies eat out. If you are one of these people, make sure you alert the staff in the kitchen that you have certain food allergies and you want to keep a couple of ingredients out from your meal. http://activebacktohealth.com/all-services-2/naturopathic

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